Due to limited capacity, we are only accepting clients 14 and older at this time. Thank you for understanding.

Hair Extensions


100% Real Human Hair Extensions for Length,
Thickening, Filler, Volume & Flash Strand!

Thickening Length Filler & Volume
Tap-In Pricing

Hair Extension prices vary greatly depending on the desired length and thickness and the client’s natural hair length and thickness. Prices generally range from $500-$1800.

Hair Extensions are available in lengths from 10" - 20", in textures ranging from straight to very curly, and in thousands of different colors and color combinations. Hair extensions are measured in units called "bundles". These bundles consist of 25-32 pieces - depending on the bond size as smaller bonds have a higher quantity per bundle. Each "piece" is 50-100 hairs attached to a bond at the end. The bond is what attaches to the natural hair to create length and volume. Please read more about the application process here.

A hair extension consultation is necessary to determine each client specific and custom needs. Consultations are free.

Hair Talks

Originals are designed to create a fuller effect, for long luxurious hair.

Transform your look instantly with our tape-in Remy Human hair in under an hour. Flawlessly create length, volume and dynamic color effects while looking completely natural. Our adhesive wefts are made of a medical grade adhesive that causes no tension and feels completely flat on the head.

Colors Charts


  • Thickening

  • Length

  • Crown Volume

  • Volume & Filler Full Head

  • Tap-In Single Flash Strand

  • Tap-In Full Head

  • Tap-In Rebond

  • Hair Extensions Removal

    $100 Per Hr